The best side hustle ideas in the UK 2022

Outside of your regular employment, you can make some extra money quickly by engaging in a side hustle.

On top of that, there are thousands of different ideas for side hustles that you can explore, so there is no doubt that there is something that you can experiment with.

Having several productive secondary sources of income can help you build up a nest egg, realise your financial aspirations, and provide a safety net if something were to happen to your primary source of income, such as your day job.

It is critical that you maintain a healthy dose of realism regarding your side hustle endeavours in the UK. The concept of a side hustle is popularised everywhere, yet, it is not always as simple as those insightful blogs make it appear to be. To begin, this must be a task that you look forward to completing and find satisfying. Keep in mind that you already have a 9-to-5 job that takes up a significant portion of your day. If you continue working for a few more hours each week, it will need to be something that is both satisfying and tolerable for you.

Second, you need to have a sensible outlook on your possible earnings for possible investment. It is not bad to bring in just a little bit of money, and it is also not a bad thing to look for something that you can do full-time in the future.

Make sure that your option fits in with what you anticipate. In a similar vein, the amount of time you are actually able to devote and the amount of time spent on your side business ought to be compatible. If your career and your children already take up all of your time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pick up an online personal assistant job that requires hours. A call centre freelance job that requires a calm backdrop will generally not work for you if your children are home with you all day. And this goes on.

Ideas for a Side Business in the United Kingdom

Now that you have a better understanding of how to select one of the many potential beneficial secondary sources of income out there let’s look at some side hustles that you may pursue in the United Kingdom.

1) Writing on your own time

At this time, there is a significant increase in the demand for people willing to take on contract and freelance work in various industries. The need is particularly strong for freelance writers, copywriters, proofreaders, editors, and transcription workers. You can quickly increase your profits by capitalising on skills you already possess and putting them to use.

Writing on a freelance basis enables you to capitalise on your creative potential and specialised knowledge to make additional income. In addition, you are free to choose your own hours and work location. In addition, there is a significant demand for freelance writers because companies of all kinds require content for their websites and other forms of marketing collateral.

2) Delivery

A lucrative side business opportunity awaits you in the United Kingdom if you are the proud owner of a well-maintained vehicle. Of course, there are services like Amazon and its other competitors in the market. There are also services such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo, and others that require a willing courier.

It is a versatile approach to earning additional cash. Whether you’re delivering food, groceries, or packages, you can often decide how many shifts you want to work and what hours you want to work. You can even choose your hours.

3) Making and selling one’s arts and crafts

Do you lack the abilities necessary to work in the service industry, but are you an expert in the kitchen or with knitting needles? Are you an outstanding artist? Marketplaces such as Etsy make it simple to reach a large number of potential customers with your wares.

Why not put your skills to use to bring in some extra cash?

Making and selling your own unique creations might be quite profitable for you.

4) Data Entry

Data Entry is one of the side hustles we highlight here in the UK, but it might not sound as interesting as some other side hustles. On the other hand, anyone who has access to the internet and a personal computer can do it. It could involve entering data onto a spreadsheet or transferring data between other spreadsheets. It could also entail inputting information from paper documents into a computer database and updating or confirming data that already exists.

Admin tasks are required on a consistent basis by organisations, but not all of those businesses want to hire someone full-time to handle those tasks. As a result, they are looking for ways to contract out work of this nature. Most data entry jobs are suitable for online and telecommuting work.

5) Rent out

It is possible to generate income by renting out space in your house through services such as Airbnb and Spareroom. You will need to make preparations in advance for your house. This will include cleaning, organising, and establishing the appropriate rates and restrictions for the use of the space. As soon as everything is in its proper place, it is time to begin bringing in money.

Are you interested in earning money using your phone? Then look into some of the most successful money-making applications in the United Kingdom so that you can make money whenever you want, no matter where you are—on the go, at home, or even just sitting on your couch.

The applications that generate the most revenue in the UK

  • Streetbees
  • BeMyEye
  • Roamler Field Agent Airtime Rewards
  • Vypr\sMobileXpression
  • Ipsos iSay\sYouGov

Let’s look into a few of these different applications.


The tasks in Roamler can be broken down into the following categories: Checks, Mysteries, Couches, Experienced, and Training, as well as other categories.

The following is an illustration of a Check activity:

“You are required to travel to the section of the store labelled “Italian Sauces” and count the number of bays that contain Italian Sauces, Traditional Sauces, and Food, as well as Rice and Grains. Additionally, this will contain pizza bottoms. After that, you will take overview images of each area, take one picture for each bay and ensure that all important bays are shown in the pictures.

You can clearly tell that a lot is going on here. The payment for this specific assignment is seven pounds, which is quite substantial.

If you want to maximize your profits, having access to a car is necessary because paying for any form of public transportation will soon eat away at your earnings.

When you participate in mystery assignments, you will be asked to pose as a customer in a retail establishment or eating establishment.

During your time at the location, you will most likely be required to snap photographs and then respond to questions based on your time there and the activities you participated in.

Most Couch assignments require you to accept a task before you order a takeaway meal and pay up to ten pounds for doing so.


This type of website is referred to as a “micro-task” site. These projects often pay between $15 and $100 (yep, you will be paid in US dollars), and they may need you to upload videos of your dogs, participate in online focus groups, or complete a diary about your habits and how you do your laundry.

However, you will need to capitalise on the app’s earnings potential quickly. Because there is a finite number of spots available for each activity, there is no assurance that you will be able to participate.

Which applications will pay you for completing surveys?



This app requires very little effort on your part to operate and compensates you, on average, fifty pence for each survey you complete. When your earnings reach £10, you will be able to request them in the form of an Apple or Amazon gift card.

However, you should choose your surveys with caution. While others can take up to twenty minutes, some are quite quick and easy to complete.

Which applications offer compensation for performing mystery shopping?

The Streetbees app will feature discussions on a wide variety of subjects throughout the week. Choose a subject area, respond to a variety of questions posed by a chatbot, and you will earn money. The pay is often in the range of £1 to £3, and each topic takes approximately 5 minutes on average to complete.

You might get questioned when you’re out and about shopping or eating lunch at a restaurant, but there are also many opportunities to make money from the comfort of your home. Regularly, people ask me to post photos of the food I eat, the food my cat eats, or the beverage I am currently drinking. When you sign up, it is imperative that you apply the code 7850SP.

Which are the most trustworthy money-making apps available in the United Kingdom?

I-Say, YouGov Direct, and Shopmium are popular applications people like to use.


However, the more apps you sign up for, the greater the likelihood you will earn and determine which apps best suit your needs.


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